Spread from SHIFTERS by Marta Bogdańska


Marta Bogdańska

Suspicious squirrels, spying dolphins, nuclear lizards, photographer pigeons. More than 800 pages of investigating the use of animals as soldiers, spies, police, kamikaze.

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Spread from "Wonders in the Heavens and on the Earth" book

Wonders in the Heavens and on the Earth

Jagna Lewandowska, Sebastian Cichocki

The curators, Jagna Lewandowska and Sebastian Cichocki, invited 12 artists who realized their works in the place of the forced isolation forced by the pandemic. The publication is the only place where you can see the effects of their struggles.


Spread from Tomasz Machciński „Album”


Tomasz Machciński

A visual essay created over several decades, in which the meaning and visual relations between images and the microhistory created in this way matter more than chronology.

Main prize in the Album & Catalogue category at Polish Graphic Design Awards.


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